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Oriental Style Furniture There are various differences between Japanese, Korean and Northern China furniture. All of which are beautiful in their own right.

Enhance Your Home With Beautiful Asian Antiques!

If you want to decorate your home with vintage items then Asian antiques will be the best choice. This is simply because Asian antiques are extremely popular around the world as they are interesting, charming, as well as attractive. An antique piece of jewelry, vase, or furniture will certainly make your home beautiful and attractive. Most of the people now days prefer purchasing Asian antiques as they are more impressive than the other art pieces that are found in various different regions of the world.

Asian antiques are usually made up of high quality materials and so these are much preferred than the other antiques that are available. Moreover, once you decorate your home with them, your guests will surely get impressed with these artistic pieces. Each and every piece of Asian antique is unique and handcrafted. So, these will surely add a class to your home or work place.

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When you decide to purchase an Asian Antique, always remember to purchase it from a reliable source otherwise you may end up spending a lot of your hard-earned money on buying fake stuff. Hence, you should research well and buy genuine antique items only. Moreover, a good pricing guide can help in making you pay the right price for the antiques that you intend to purchase. These pricing guides are easily available online or you can even purchase them in a book form so that it becomes easier for you to carry them with yourself when you plan for shopping antiques.

A piece of Asian antique furniture or decorative item will definitely make your home elegant. This is the reason why most of the interior designers and decorators add Asian antiques into their share of work.
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Japanese Furniture
Japanese furniture is the center of Japanese design.
Japanese antique furniture features simple designs, natural wood grains, and Japanese joinery. Traditional tansu (chests in Japanese) are the well known kaidan tansu (step chest) mizuya tansu (kitchen chest) and the sendai tansu (drawer chest). Cabinets are constructed from solid elm, gingko, or kiri wood, and are usually built in two stackable pieces. Hand-forged iron hardware and minimal ornamentation was common on drawer chests, while kitchen chests featured top and bottom extended beams.

Korean Furniture
Korean furniture use the natural features of wood, and a high level of craftsmanship. It offers both highly decorative pieces with forged hardware, and pieces, made of solid, durable, woods.
Korean furniture pieces are all of simple box design with only necessary additions. Rice Chest and the Grain Chest were found in kitchens and would be built of thick pine wood. Highly ornamental chests like the Headside Chest and the Blanket Chest. Exotic woods such as persimmon and paulownia were used for inlays on more expensive pieces.

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Chinese Furniture
Chinese furniture is different from other Oriental furniture by the frequent use of lacquer coatings, hand painting, and precise carving.
Chinese pieces are usually large and heavy with minimal hardware. They are often lacquered or painted and contain some carving or relief. Buffets, Altar tables and Consoles were common and would often hold incense burners and other buddhist relics. Chairs were very ornate and came in several classic styles that would be copied with slight variations. Tables were constructed of heavy solid elm with curved and stylized legs. They were built low to the ground, as chairs were not popular and sitting on the floor was the norm.

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